There are many smart aids available that can be retrofitted into your home to enable you to remain surrounded by your belongings. ¬†Automatic lighting sensors are invaluable and movement alarms can assist those caring for other’s safety. ¬†Safety and improved access/movement are priorities but should sit comfortably within the home.

Safe, practical & comfortable bathroom design can be designed for each individual’s requirements and can therefore sit alongside one that still looks inviting and homely – not institutional.


Freedom to move safely and with ease around your home is provided with proven technology








How much happier are we if we are able to stay in our own home? Familiar surroundings and personal belongings are a huge comfort. Safety and ease of access can be achieved with clever design. Grants are available.










Planting height can be altered to ensure the garden still gives pleasure whether standing or in a wheelchair.

Small design changes mean huge rewards